The guidelines and principles contained in this book cut across various businesses and sectors: large, small, private, public, family-owned, academia and non-governmental. The insights shared with practical case studies will help to broaden the understanding of everyone so as to be able to design and proffer the right solutions that fit for purpose regardless of the organization that is involved.

The book is a delightful guide full of striking information for those responsible for managing talents in contemporary workplace. Its content is engaging, pragmatic and speaks to the complex issues that Talent Managers encounter in the workplace.

—Yinka Olufade,

Head, Human Resources, Seven-Up Bottling Company Ltd. – Nigeria


This book is an essential tool that executives all across the world must have, read and implement. The content is simple, practical and easy to understand because it was done out of years of practical experience in the field by Adebayo Akinloye. The book answers a very important question that executives and more importantly, employees themselves always ask; “who is a talent”? Most of the organisations now, especially in Africa, seniority is still considered as the strongest criteria for career advancement, but this is no longer the case with the need of business to acquire new set of skills and talent to perform in order to stay competitive. To this end, this book, “Talent Management Agenda in A Post COVID-19 World,” is an essential and practical tool towards deciding who will add value to the business and how organisation should manage this crucial “talent” – as they are scarce and don’t come cheap.

—Nasreldin A. Babiker,

General Manager, Human Resources – MTN Sudan


Talent management is one of the least understood concepts in People management. The tendency to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, apply insufficient rigour to talent processes or simply leave it to individuals to navigate their own professional pathways, abounds as the norm in many organisations. As a result, businesses suffer significant impairment through talent loss and poor succession preparedness. This book teaches us how to manage Talent succession using proactive, proven methodologies. I heartily recommend it to every HR professional keen to make an enduring impact on their business.

—Uwa Osa-Oboh,

Head, Corporate Devt., Capital Alliance Nigeria (CAN), a member of the ACA group.